When Is the Right Time to Replace a Roof in Canada

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Roofing

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime, and your roof is an essential part of it. You need to make sure that it’s in good shape and is well-maintained to protect the other elements in your house like your walls, ceilings, or attic.

But just how long can you expect your roof to last, and what should you do if you suspect it’s time to replace it?

Fortunately, there are warning signs you can look for and steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of your roof.

The Lifespan of a Typical Roof

How long a roof will last depends largely on its materials. Most laminate shingles last 25 to 35 years, while cedar shakes and shingles usually last 20 to 30 years with the right maintenance.

That being said, there are a number of external factors that can cause your roof to wear down more quickly:

  • Angle or Slope of the Roof: Steeper roofs allow things like water and snow to slide off quicker than flatter roofs. Flat roofs need to be installed using the right materials and techniques to ensure they remain watertight.
  • Sun Exposure: The sun’s UV rays damage shingles over time, so the amount and direction of sun exposure on your roof may impact its longevity.
  • Contact with Trees: Branches constantly rubbing on shingles or fallen limbs can negatively impact the health of your roof and cause it to deteriorate faster.
  • Severe Weather: The extreme weather we experience in Southern Ontario—from summertime storms that bring fierce winds, rain, and hail to wintery blizzards that dump snow and ice everywhere—can test your roof’s resiliency. Temperature swings can have similar effects, as shingles are subject to expansion and contraction even over short periods of time.

Signs That It Might Be Time to Consider a Repairing or Replacing Your Roof

There are common signs of roof failure that you can look for, both from inside your home and out:

  • From the inside, keep an eye out for attic stains, mildew, leaking, and sunlight coming in through your roof. These are hints that you may need to repair or replace your roof.
  • On the outside, look for curling, peeling, partially lifted, missing, or bald shingles as well as an accumulation of shingle granules in your eavestroughs or other kinds of weather-related damages.

What are 10 signs that it might be time for a roof replacement? Read our blog to find out!

Your Roof Needs Work. What Do You Do Next?

Your roof should be inspected twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. You can also perform regular seasonal maintenance like removing nearby or fallen branches and debris, cleaning eavestroughs, and clearing downspouts.

Keep in mind that sometimes it makes more sense to repair the damage than to completely replace your roof. This decision usually centers around three factors:

  • The age of your roof.
  • The nature of the damage.
  • Future plans you have for your home.

Sometimes, a partial roof replacement may even be possible depending on the age of your roof and the ability to match new shingles with the existing ones.

Read our blog to learn more about roof repairs versus roof replacements and find out which route might be better for you.

If you’re ever unsure about the condition of your roof, it’s always best to have it inspected by a professional. A reputable, experienced roofer will work with you to assess your roof and offer advice on the best options for you and your home. When you decide how you want to proceed, they’ll be able to restore your roof to its full glory and ensure it continues to perform at its best.

Herb Lodde Roofing has been providing quality roofing services since 1964. We provide all-season services—from summertime replacements to wintertime repairs—and confidently stand behind our workmanship. Contact us today to schedule your in-home consultation!

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