About Us

The Herb Lodde Roofing Company

Our 50 Year History in the Roofing Business

Since 1964, our roofing company has provided quality roof replacements for customers throughout Southern Ontario, from Burlington to the Niagara region.

Founded by Herb Lodde, a hard working roofer with a vision for providing honest and high quality workmanship, the Herb Lodde Roofing company has developed from a small family business into what it is today – a well-established business dedicated to customer satisfaction and professional home improvement services.

We Believe:

  • In providing our customers with the highest level of service at a fair and competitive price
  • In building our business through respect and referral customers
  • In maintaining the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and honesty to our customers
  • That a roof is not just a roof, but an integral part of your most valuable asset
  • That quality and service on an exceptional level cannot be achieved at the lowest price

Why Is Quality Roofing So Important to Us?

  • Good quality is necessary to protect your home from damage, decay, and the elements
  • Good quality will raise the value of your home
  • Good quality is central to the structural integrity of your home
A roof is not a small investment – so good quality should be the standard.

Our roofing company is built on the idea of honest and superior quality work, to provide homeowners with the best materials and workmanship for their home, their needs, and their budget – without taking shortcuts.

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