Thinking of a Roof Replacement? Fall Is the Right Time!

by | Sep 11, 2015 | News

Thinking-of-a-Roof-Replacement-Fall-Is-the-Right-TimeAre you trying to decide whether to go through with a new roof installation this fall? If so, we have some advice for you – do it!

We’re not just saying that as roofing contractors who want your business. We are saying it as roofing contractors who don’t want to see your deteriorating roof fail over the winter.

If there’s any question about whether your roof will make it through another Canadian winter – or if you think it will make it but it’s not in great shape – you should get it replaced now, before the cold weather sets in.

Here’s why fall is the right time for your roof replacement:

  • Winter wreaks havoc on poor roofs

Hail. Freezing rain. Snow. Winds. Very cold temperatures. Winter is not a friendly season in Canada – not even here in southern Ontario. If your roof is damaged or at risk of becoming so over the winter, you need to replace it now. Leaving a roof like that throughout the harsh winter months can cause more damage to the structure of your home.

If heavy snow sits on your roof, it can trigger new issues and magnify existing problems. And if moisture in the winter (from melting snow, for example) gets into the underlayment of your roof, you will have a much more costly roof replacement to pay for come spring.

  • Roof has time to settle

Even with high quality materials and installation, some conditions are just better than others for roof installations. Fall meets those criteria. It has the right temperatures – and enough time before extreme temperatures hit – for the shingles to fully settle and seal, forming a barrier against ice and rain. Wait too long, and your roof may be forced to face the elements before it’s ready.

  • Longer working hours for roofers

Another reason autumn is an excellent season for roof repair is the mild weather lets your roofing contractors work all through the day. You get your roof faster than in the summer, when heat exhaustion and heat stroke is a real concern.

So if you’re deciding whether to get a roof replacement this fall or not, call in a reputable roofing contractor to give you an expert opinion! As you prepare for winter, it’s better safe than sorry!

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