Safety at Any Height: Hiring a Roofer Committed to Safe Work

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As of April 1, 2015, it became mandatory for employers to ensure eligible workers complete a “working at heights training program,” approved by the Chief Prevention Officer and overseen by an approved training provider before letting them work at heights.

For homeowners looking to hire residential contractors – including roofers – it’s important to ensure contractors take steps to keep their workers safe at all times. Before signing a contract, always confirm with roofers that their workers have been properly trained and ask how they’ll make sure on-site workers will be kept safe.

The Purpose of the Working at Heights Training Program

Roofing Contractors BurlingtonThe program establishes mandatory minimum quality and training standards to:

  • Strengthen the safety culture in the workplace, elevating the importance of preventing falls.
  • Provide at-risk workers with adequate training about falls and general safety practices.
  • Equip workers with knowledge about using personal fall protection equipment.
  • Reduce fall-from-heights injuries, incidents, and fatalities.

Regulatory Requirements for Workers and Employers

For contractors, training requirements apply to any of their workers who use methods of fall protection like a fall restraint or arrest system, a travel restraining system, a safety net, or a safety belt.

Contractors employing eligible workers must ensure:

  • Workers complete a Working at Heights Training Program approved by the MLO
  • The training provider was approved by the MLO
  • The worker’s training is still valid
  • Maintain a training record for each worker including the name of the worker, the name of the training provider, the date of completion, and the name of the training program
  • The training record is available to the Ministry of Labour upon request

What Does This Mean for Homeowners Looking for Roofers?

For homeowners, it’s important to protect yourself by ensuring roofers take every necessary precaution to guarantee safety while working on your roof:

  • Ask about your roofer’s health and safety program. Contractors employing more than five workers are legally obligated to have one in place.
  • Ensure your roofer has both general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. If your contractor is uninsured and something goes wrong – whether a worker is injured or your home is damaged – you can be held liable for medical costs and repairs.
  • Get confirmation that all employers completed a working at heights training program.

Repairing or replacing your roof is a major investment. Make sure you choose to work with a reputable roofer dedicated to safe working practices to ensure quality workmanship.

To learn more, visit the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Working at Heights training page.

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