Removing Rooftop Ice and Snow with Salt

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Roofing

Removing Rooftop Ice and Snow with SaltBetween whiteout-causing blizzards, frigid polar winds, and driving freezing rain, winter can be tough on roofs in Southern Ontario. One of the most pressing problems homeowners face each year: rooftop snow and ice accumulation.

When used properly, salt can effectively get rid of rooftop snow and ice before buildups damage your home.

Is it Safe to Use Salt on Your Roof?

Provided you use the right type of salt – yes.

The key is to avoid sodium chloride (or rock salt). Rock salt contains corrosive oxidizing agents, making it best suited for removing ice on harder surfaces like concrete. You should only use it on roofs in select circumstances like severe cold. If it’s applied routinely, it can damage shingles, nails, eavestroughs, and other fittings.

Look instead for de-icers incorporating safer materials like calcium chloride or potassium chloride. If you share your home with one or more furry friends, you’ll want to find pet-safe, chloride-free products made with polypropylene and urea.

Finding the Right Salt for Your Roof

Windsor Safe-T-Salt Eco Safe Ice Melt

Windsor/Morton Safe-T-Pet

Windsor Ice Melter Blend with Blue Crystals

Safe-T-Salt is effective in temperatures as low as -15°C.

It features:

  • A sealing agent, making it less corrosive on shingles and eavestroughs.
  • A fertilizing compound to reduce its impact on the environment (including surface and ground water).


Safe-T-Pet works to -12°C.

  • It was created in association with veterinarians, so you can rest assured knowing it’s safe for your companions.
  • It doesn’t contain any salt or chlorides, which means it won’t harm pets’ paws or stomachs.
  • It contains coloured crystals so you can see precisely where it’s been applied.

The Ice Melting Blend is designed to work at extremely low temperatures – down to -31°C. Blue pellets make it easy to see where it’s placed.

The mix does include sodium chloride, so it should be used to deal exclusively with winter’s harshest conditions.




Trust a Roofer to Remove Rooftop Ice and Snow

Do you know when and why you need to remove the snow from your roof? Read our blog to find out!

The general rule of thumb is if you have more than 5cm (2 inches) of ice or 70cm (2 feet) of heavy snow, it’s time to think about removing it.

Homeowners can choose to tackle this job themselves, keeping these factors in mind:

  • Snow removal rakes, the tools commonly available at hardware stores, are typically suited for clearing lighter, fluffier snow instead of the problematic heavier layers.
  • When pulling snow down, be extra cautious it doesn’t come down on you.
  • Under no circumstances should you go onto your roof yourself during the winter. The built-up snow and ice will mean a slick, slippery roof – an unsafe environment for any homeowner.

Contacting a professional roofer is the safest and most effective option. They have the experience, tools, and training to clear snow properly without putting themselves (or their crews) at risk, ensuring the best results for you.

At Herb Lodde, we have been offering a range of winter roofing services (including snow removal) for over 50 years. Contact us today!

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