Pros and Cons of Winter Roofing

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Roofing

Winter Roof Maintenance BurlingtonBetween heavy snow, ice build ups, and frigid temperatures, winter can be tough on roofs. For many homeowners, the warmer seasons are the most popular times to take care of roof maintenance, repairs, and replacements, but choosing to undertake work on your roof during the winter can have benefits.

We’ve created a list of the pros and cons of winter roofing to help you make an informed decision:

Pros of Winter Roofing

Waiting for Warmer Weather Can Worsen Existing Problems

Have you noticed curling or cracked shingles? Are there icicles hanging from your house? Corrupted shingles can let moisture penetrate your roof, and ice build ups can be a sign that your home is losing heat. Whatever the issue, waiting until spring means taking the risk that the situation will deteriorate.

Even if you’re only able to perform temporary repairs to get you through the winter, undertaking those small, necessary projects is worthwhile to reduce the work that might be required once the snow melts.

A New Roof Means Better Defence from the Elements

A roof on its last legs is less able to stand up to harsh weather. Undertaking a roof replacement can put you at ease and give you the certainty that your new, sturdy roof will handle the demands of winter.

Enjoy Favourable, Seasonal Pricing

For many roofers, winter is an off-peak season. Securing a quote and scheduling springtime work – whether routine repairs or a full roof replacement – a few months early can ultimately save you time and money.

Beware of Too Much Ice and Snow on Your Roof

Is your roof weighed down under a heavy layer of snow? If you notice a significant amount of snow or ice building up, you need to deal with it promptly to prevent your roof being damaged or collapsing.

Guidelines released by the Institute for Business and Home Safety suggest more than four feet of fresh snow, two feet of old snow, and four inches of ice can be dangerous. Attempting to climb your roof to deal with it yourself can be hazardous due to the height and potential for treacherous patches of ice. Call in an expert roofer to guarantee your comfort and safety.

Cons of Winter Roofing

Harsh Winter Weather

Cold snaps, blizzards, and other severe weather can hinder or delay roofing work during the winter. Experienced contractors will know what weather they can and cannot work in, and take all necessary steps to guarantee quality workmanship.

Temperature-Sensitive Materials

Like humans, roofing tools and materials are sensitive to wintertime conditions. Shingles, for example, will require extra care. Cold temperatures can prevent them from sealing fully, resulting in weak spots where moisture can sneak in. Bad weather and excessive snow might also delay clean up. An experienced roofer will take precautions and make accommodations to ensure a reliable, long-lasting installation.

Watch Out for These Signs of Trouble

As you make your way through winter, keep an eye on your roof. Symptoms of potential problems include:

  • Any sagging in your roof
  • Cracking, creaking, or popping noises
  • Doors popping open
  • Doors and windows becoming difficult to open
  • Cracks developing in walls

If you see or hear any of these things happening, get your roof inspected right away. Make sure you work with a roofer who has winter roofing experience and will take the time to ensure any repairs or replacements are done right.

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