How Lodde Uses Salt to Remove Built-Up Snow and Ice from Your Roof

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Home Maintenance Tips, Roofing

Winter Roof SaltingSalt is one of the most widely used minerals on earth. Canada alone uses over 4.4 million tons of salt annually to clear roads and keep them safe during the winter.

For Canadian homeowners, salt can be just as effective at removing ice and snow buildups on roofs before they cause harm to shingles and gutters or structural damage to the home.

Is it Safe to Use Salt on Roofs?

Salts used on roofs are designed to not only get rid of built-up ice and snow, but also form a defensive barrier to discourage it from coming back.

When considering roof de-icers, avoid using rock salt (sodium chloride). Although excellent at cutting through ice on asphalt and concrete, rock salt can damage shingles and corrode metal gutters, nails, and other fittings. Look for de-icing products with ingredients like calcium chloride instead.

If you’re concerned about the wellbeing of your furry companions, consider chloride-free products made with propylene and urea, developed to be safe for pets’ delicate paws and stomachs.

Roof Salts We Use

At Lodde, we use only products that will be safe for your home.

1.       Windsor Safe-T-Salt Eco Safe Ice Melt

Windor’s Safe-T-Salt – our most commonly used de-icer – delivers powerful, all-around results.

  • Premium ice melt features a sealing agent, making it less corrosive for shingles and gutters
  • Contains a fertilizing compound to give your plants a boost
  • Low environmental impact on surface and ground water

Safe-T-Salt will perform in temperatures up to -15°C.

2.       Windsor/Morton Safe-T-Pet

This de-icer – developed in association with veterinarians – is free of salt and other chlorides, which can irritate pets’ sensitive stomachs and paws.

Safe-T-Pet also uses colourful crystals, making it easy for you to see exactly where it’s been applied. It’s effective in temperatures as low as -12°C.

3.       Windsor Ice Melter Blend with Blue Crystals

Windsor’s fast-acting Ice Melter Blend – incorporating sodium chloride – works at temperatures as low as -31°C. The blue pellets make it clear where product has been used.

Take Action to Remove Rooftop Ice and Snow

If there is more than 5cm (2 inches) of ice or 70cm (2 feet) of snow weighing down your roof, it’s time to consider professional snow removal.

Click here to learn more about when it’s time to remove the snow from your roof.

Venturing onto your roof yourself can be hazardous, especially in the winter. Work with an experienced, professional roofer who can get the job done safely and effectively, ridding your roof of built-up snow and ice now and discouraging it from returning later.

At Herb Lodde, we have been providing winter roofing services – including snow and ice removal – for over 50 years. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home assessment.

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