How to Get Insurance Funding for Your Roof Repairs after a Storm

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Roofing

Roof Repairs OakvilleAfter a particularly bad storm, you could find your roof leaking or damaged. You should be especially concerned if you haven’t had your roof inspected in a long time or if it’s made with lesser quality materials, like 3-tab shingles.

If your roof does have damage after a storm, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible! The underlayment of the roof or the inside of your home can sustain water damage over time… and water damage left unchecked can lead to even more costly repair bills in the future.

So, when your roof is damaged after a storm, you need to fund a roof repair right away. If you have homeowners insurance, they should cover at least some of the repair costs in this circumstance – as long as your roof isn’t too old.

The Process for Getting Insurance Money for Roof Repairs

  1. Call the insurance company. Report the damage or leak. File a claim immediately. Ask your insurer what to do next.
  1. Get a roof inspection and take pictures. Usually the insurance company will inspect your roof, and sometimes take photos of the damage. They may make an estimate of costs for the repairs. Please note: You should also take your own photos in case you need evidence later on.
  1. Get an estimate from a professional roofing contractor. Now find a professional roofer you can trust to assess the damage (read about finding a reliable contractor here). They will also give you an estimate – of course, it could be more or less than the insurance company’s estimate. If it’s more, the insurer may have missed something important about the level of damage. You may have to work with the roofer and the insurance company to come to an understanding.
  1. Send your insurer a copy of the repair estimate from your chosen contractor, along with evidence of their licence and insurance. This allows the insurance company to make sure everything meets their standards. They should inform you of any issues they see with the estimate or the contractor.
  1. Receive an initial payment from the insurer or insurance claim number. With some insurance companies, you will receive partial payment after they have finished assessing the damage. However, we have found that our clients are more typically issued an insurance claim number. You can use the initial payment or insurance claim number to hire your roofing contractor.
  1. Start roofing work.
  1. Pay your roofer after the job is completed. Your roofer will send you an invoice for the cost of the work done. You must send this to your insurance company, who will then send you a cheque. Most roofing contractors understand the financial bind an unexpected roof repair can put homeowners in. Many will allow you to wait until you receive the insurance money before requiring the balance of the job to be paid.

Remember, storm damage can cause disastrous problems and leaks in the future. It’s better to make a claim with your insurance company and get it fixed immediately. Otherwise, you may have to pay a larger repair bill down the road … from your own pocket!

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