Be Sure to Hire a Roofing Company that Engages in Safe Work

by | Jun 18, 2015 | Buyer Beware

Safe RoofingThere’s no question about it – repairing or replacing a roof can be dangerous work.  Accidents can happen and people can get hurt.

That’s why it is so important for roofing contractors to adhere to strict safety standards in their work.

And most importantly for homeowners – you absolutely must make sure the roofing contractor you’re considering hiring has all the right health and safety certifications and training.

And if they don’t?  Look for another contractor who does.

Recent Roofing Safety News

A recent article posted in the Ontario Government’s Newsroom discusses the conclusion of a court case dealing with the aftermath of a serious roofing worker incident.

The worker fell a distance of about 22 feet, sustaining multiple injuries and fractures.

“The worker was not using any of the prescribed methods of fall protection as required by the Construction Projects Regulation. The regulation requires workers to be adequately protected from fall hazards with the use of a travel restraint system, fall restraint system, fall arrest system or safety net.”

In this case, the roofing company was fined $65,000. Click here to read the full release.

Check Your Roofing Contractor’s Credentials

We bring this up to emphasize the need for safe practices when roofing work is being done – and for homeowners to be diligent when they hire roofers.

Here are the health and safety credentials you need to see from your roofing contractor before signing anything:

  • Workplace insurance, including liability insurance
  • Current Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) certification

You can also ask the roofing company if they have a written company-wide health and safety policy. Ours, for example, is 60 pages long!

If you sign with a roofing company that doesn’t take safety seriously and doesn’t have these important documents, a roofer might get hurt on the job. And if that happens, depending on which documentation the company is missing, you may be held responsible.

That means you would have to pay any medical fees for the injured worker, as well as any legal liability costs.

Don’t take the chance. Make sure your roofing contractor has their up-to-date health, safety, and liability credentials.

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