ALERT: Expecting High Winds and Heavy Rain in Southern Ontario – Roof Tips

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Hurricane Patricia Roofing RepairResidents of southern Ontario can expect an intense fall storm tomorrow, Wednesday Oct. 28 2015, as the remnants of hurricane Patricia reach the Golden Horseshoe area. Those who live near Lake Erie and Lake Ontario are forecasted to be particularly affected.

What You Need to Know about the High Winds and Your Roof

According to The Weather Network, winds of up to 70 km/h are likely in most areas, reaching as high as 90 km/h. Environment Canada classifies winds of 62-74 km/h as gale winds, 75-88 km/h as strong gale winds, and 89-102 km/h as storm winds; these winds can cause tree limbs to break, power outages, and property damage.

Residential homeowners in Ontario need to be aware that although high wind damage is not covered in our 10 year roof workmanship warranty.

If your roof is damaged in tomorrow’s storm, be sure to check your insurance policy to find out the specifics of your coverage for wind damage. For example, our supplier GAF has a warranty that covers winds up to 130mph (about 209 km/h) except on 3-tab shingles. Each manufacturer will have a different limit and coverage level.

We are happy to make repairs on roof, trough, or siding damage, but if you would like to claim the damage you will have to go through your insurance. We are happy to assist you in that process. Typically insurance companies will require that you do emergency repairs in order to prevent further damage.

What You Need to Know about the Heavy Rains and Your Roof

Tomorrow, rainfall from 25mm-50mm within 24 hours is predicted. To put this into perspective, the average rainfall in Toronto within the past 30 years for the entire month of October is only 65mm; we are getting up to 77% of the monthly average within one day.

Unfortunately, most residential homes in Ontario are not built for this level of rainfall. Many southern Ontario homeowners may find various problems arising in their homes tomorrow, including (but not limited to):

  • Eavestrough or downspout overflowing: Typical eavestroughs and downspouts are not designed to carry this level of rainfall. If your eavestrough or downspout is overflowing, it is likely not an issue with your trough, but simply the large volume of rain. Ensure that eavestroughs are free of debris and downspouts are connected.
  • Siding leaking around windows: The amount of rain combined with the high winds can drive rain into your siding, causing leaks around where your windows are located.
  • Basement flooding: In times of heavy rainfall, basements can flood. Often this is not related to your roof, as you may have other structural issues such as a crack in the foundation, downpipes not diverted away from your house, leaks in your window wells, and so on.
  • leaking: Heavy rain conditions can cause leaking in various places. For example, if you have an old brick chimney, it may be cracked and letting water in. Or, perhaps you have a plumbing vent pipe that has a worn or torn rubber boot, which causes leaks. If you experience leaking during tomorrow’s storm, you may need to investigate – after the storm – where the leak was coming from.

Roofing Service Calls

If your roof is damaged in tomorrow’s storm, our service call department is available to make repairs and recommendations for your roof. We have a minimum charge to come to your home, as well as charges for time and materials used.  Please call our office to learn more about our charges.

Warning: Do not allow any door-to-door roofer who shows up after the storm to go onto your roof. These “storm-chasers” are often scam artists who may damage your roof further, take your insurance money and do a poor job with poor materials, or skip town after they have your deposit. Click here to read more about storm-chaser roofers.

We hope tomorrow’s storm will not be as severe as predicted; however, we advise homeowners to be aware of the possible impact the winds and rain could have on their homes, as well as which types of damage are covered by which warranties.

>> Herb Lodde Roofing does not cover “acts of God” in our workmanship warranty, but we are ready to assist homeowners with roof repairs from stormy weather. Contact us now.

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