3 Tips to Help You Get Your Roof Ready for Winter

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Home Maintenance Tips, Roofing

tips to get your roof winter readyOld Man Winter is on his way back to Southern Ontario, and – according to the Farmer’s Almanac – he plans to roar back in with a vengeance. Is your roof prepared to stand up against winter’s wrath?

Check out these three tips that will help you get your roof ready for the colder, snowier, and icier months to come:

1. Clean Debris from Off and Around Your Roof

Properly winterizing your roof begins with a thorough cleaning:

  • First, clear away overhanging branches. The general rule of thumb is to prune them back roughly six feet, which will prevent sap from dropping on your roof come spring.
  • Next, get rid of debris that’s settled on your roof. Anything left can stop water draining and cause problems like mildew, mold, and fungus.
  • Finally, clean your eavestroughs by removing wet leaves, trapped twigs, and other grime. Water won’t be able to flow properly through clogged gutters, which can lead it to spill over the edges and cause easily avoided and costly damage to your home.

As you’re cleaning, make sure to watch for signs of trouble like:

  • Asphalt granules accumulated in gutters.
  • Missing, corrupted, curled, or cracked shingles.
  • Damaged flashings.

If you find any issues, contact an experienced roofer to have potential problems inspected.

2. Examine Your Roof’s Edge

The components that make up your roof’s edge (including soffit, fascia, and fasteners) act as defences against harsh winter weather. If they aren’t installed properly or become weakened as they age, that makes your roof more vulnerable to weather, age, or wear-related damage.

Things to keep an eye out for include:

  • Faded, peeling, or bubbling paint.
  • Loose, worn fasteners.
  • Visible rust.
  • Missing or cracked sealant.

Do you know what goes into installing the roof above your head? Read our blog to find out!

3. Inspect Inside Your Home, Paying Particular Attention to Your Attic

Never judge a roof only by its shingles. Although its exterior condition is no doubt important, you also need to check on your roof’s health from the inside:

It’s important to examine:

  • Get Your Roof Ready for WinterThe state of your insulation. Does it have a uniform appearance, or are some sections more worn than others? Can you see any water damage?
  • How well (or not) your fans and vents are working. The whole system should be balanced with the right proportion of properly placed intake and outtake vents.
  • Evidence of staining in the attic and on upstairs ceilings. If you find anything suspicious, make sure to keep an eye on it. If a trouble spot gets worse after a major weather event, you might have a leak on your hands.
  • Signs that animals were (or might still be) present including discarded food, refuse, and evidence of burrowing. If you find holes or other traces of animal activity, do not seal anything until you’re sure they are gone. Unwanted visitors can cause even more damage especially if they become trapped.

Are animals making a house out of your home? Read our blog to find out how to keep them out!

Do You Need Winter Roofing Services? No Problem!

Although the fall is a good time of year to inspect and perform any work on your roof, rest assured that you won’t be left out in the cold if something goes wrong in the middle of February. Experienced, established roofers typically provide a range of winter-specific services (including snow removal, ice dam prevention, and emergency repairs) to keep your roof in tip-top shape all season long.

Winter or spring, rain or snow, the expert roofers at Herb Lodde have you covered! We’ve being providing quality roofing services since 1964 and stand behind our workmanship, delivering superior results using only the best materials. Contact us today to schedule your in-home consultation!

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