Burlington: 905-332-8200
St. Catharines: 905-935-7571

Burlington: 905-332-8200

St. Catharines: 905-935-7571

Want your roof to last longer and look better?

Get the roofing pros to do a custom fall roof tune-up.

3 Month Workmanship Guarantee!

1-Storey Homes

Only $449

2-Storey Homes

Only $549

2+ Storey &
Exceptionally Large Homes

Only $649

Fall Residential Roof Tune-up Special!

Don’t wait until minor roof repairs become big problems! Get a fall roof tune-up from Herb Lodde & Sons Roofing.

What’s Included in Our Custom Roof Tune-up?

Every roof tune-up we do is customized to your roof.
No small detail is overlooked!

  • Inspect your roof
  • Repair up to 1 leak
  • Secure any visible loose flashing
  • Reseal soil and vent stacks
  • Repair popped nails
  • Replace up to 10 shingles
  • Reseal and recaulk chimney flashing
  • Remove any debris on roof
  • Schedule My Tune-up Now!